Literacy is defined as the ability to read with understanding and to write a simple sentence meaningfully in any language. Just like education, literacy empowers and increases one’s self-esteem making them more participative in any activity and opportunities available to them.


Recent statistics show that, 30 to 40% of Uganda’s adult population is non-literate; the school dropout rate is at 68.2%. Yet, there is an inverse relationship between literacy and poverty increase in literacy levels will likely lead to a reduction in poverty and an improvement in the health status of the population.

Lugei Education Related Projects

It is against this backdrop that LF established the Hill-Top Learning Centre with the overall Goal of enhancing the literacy levels of women and men who are able to acquire knowledge, develop skills and competences that shall enable them to initiate, manage and have control over their own lives in a more sustainable manner.

The specific objectives to be achieved include to; reduce Adult Literacy; build capacity of Adult Learners to use literacy and numeracy skills and competencies to improve their income generating activities (agribusiness, crafts, basic bookkeeping); build a culture of lifelong learning at the community level; and to increase the Adult Learner’s ability to make informed decisions.

Preschool and Elementary Education

We are in the process of initiating and setting up the preschool and Elementary education services. The education services (school) will initially target the Refugee children from South Sudan who reside in Koboko and also host population children who are underprivileged and are currently not in school. They are not in school because they could be missing tuition and fees, stationary and scholastic materials.

Our motivation is to start nurturing future leaders and professionals who have values, they embrace critical thinking, are able to navigate and provide solutions to everyday life challenges. We intend to invest in valuable reading materials both hard and soft copies that can stimulate creativity and a progressive reading culture. Design the learning space in such a way that it promotes interactive learning and creativity.

Upcoming event 2020

  • Graduation of the first cohort of Adult Learners from Hilltop Learning Centre from pre-school to middle elementary level after successfully the previous levels in Koboko Municipality, March, 2020.

Completed events 2019

  • Scaling up of Adult learning cohorts and full launch of Hill top adult literacy learning centre Koboko.