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Lugei Foundation evolved from the need to share knowledge, resources, expertise and experiences to solve the immediate health and community development needs of our communities. The immediate Lugei Family and some fellow healthcare professionals who had same passion and shared the same dream started to provide free health education, nutrition counseling, and later sub-subsidized clinical care at Lugei Health Centre in 2012.


About Us

Lugei Foundation (LF) is a National Not for profit (charity) organization registered in The Republic of Uganda. The foundation was established by young healthcare professionals who are passionate about touching and improving lives of vulnerable populations using locally available, adaptive and simple technology to provide solutions to the everyday health and development needs of our communities.

Our Core values:

  • Humanity built on love, kindness, and social intelligence
  • Accountability for our work and for what we say we will do
  • Mutual Respect for diversity, individual & cultural differences

We embrace an Integrated Model of service delivery through the Community Oriented Primary Health Care (COPC) model. LF uses the Community Oriented Primary Care model to roll out its community health and development interventions. The rational for this approach is that the COPC model promotes use of evidence derived from health data, surveys and statistics for programming. It involves needs identification and priority setting, measuring changes made in terms of outcome, and monitoring the impact of the interventions. Importantly, communities must participate in each step of the interventions including service delivery and utilisation of the health care services created.

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Lugei Foundation Our Mission Statement

Improve lives of marginalized and vulnerable populations through integrated and community driven solutions based on scientific evidence, innovation, creativity and multidisciplinary partnerships in a compassionate environment. We link service providers, healthcare consumers, and key stakeholders such as Government and civil societies to improve access and quality of social services and development efforts through training, education, research and advocacy, in the long run building capacity of individuals and communities to promote their own wellbeing.

  • 01Our Vision

    A future in which the health of vulnerable population and their livelihoods are improved.

  • Valuing Time, Excellency, Performance, Responsibility, Embracing Diversity, Collaboration & Partnerships, Learning and Use of Evidence to inform decisions.


Most Popular Causes

Below are the most popular causes for Lugei foundation to extend Charity services.

Free Viral Hepatitis Screening and Treatment 35%
Free Education for women and children 30%
Free Health Care for vulnerable communities 20%
Others 10%

Thematic Areas


Viral Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by a viral infection; The infection is a serious global public health problem, the six distinct types of viral hepatitis viruses include; A, B, C, D, E and G.


LF health programs and activity priority interventions target most marginalized and vulnerable communities using the primary health care approach and the integrated health model ....


Literacy is defined as the ability to read with understanding and to write a simple sentence meaningfully in any language. Just like education, literacy empowers and increases one’s self ...

Sustainable Livelihood

The concept of Sustainable Livelihoods constitute the basis of different Sustainable Livelihood Approaches that have been adapted by LF ...


The Science of Changing Lives strengthens our commitment to placing evidence and research at the center of what we do. At LF, we use research to respond to a wide variety of human needs ...


Are you exploring international volunteer service, considering a gap year abroad or looking for a break from your job? Do you want to volunteer abroad and put your experience to work where it ...


Health Care Consultancy is the process of sharing expertise, giving advice, and guiding health care organizations to make business decisions that promote growth and benefit their customers ...

Call To Action

World Hepatitis Day (28th/July/2022)

Lugei Foundation is organising a compaign to provide free vaccination for hepatitis B and C in northern and central regions of Uganda.

Our Team

Lugei Foundation has a Board of Directors and is the policy making and advisory body of the organization. The board of directors comprise of 5 members, including the CEO. The board of directors appoints the chairperson of the board of directors from amongst the members of board.

Dr. Gulom Godfrey

Clinical Director/Research Associate

Dr.Gulom Godfrey is a fully registered and licensed Medical Doctor (MD) and a Public Health Specialist...

Dr. John Bosco Alege

Programme Director

Dr.John Bosco ALEGE is a Public Health Specialist, and an established academician, Senior Administrator and ...

Ms.Nimwesiga Christine

Public Health Specialist

Ms.Nimwesiga Christine is an established Public Health Specialist and Health Systems Leader. She is currently ...